The Building Better Builders Workshop and the Dinner afterwards.

Dr. John S Nagy will be presenting his Building Better Builders Workshop. Cost is $30 per person (Light breakfast at 8 am,  Seminar at 9am, Lunch and then conclusion.). Afterwards at 6pm we will be having an all you can eat Pasta Bar for $10 per person, under 18 $5 and kids under 6 are free.

The cool thing is that all proceeds (above raw cost) are being donated to Chop Bodiford for his medical bills.


“Imagine Masonic Education that ‘Builds Better Builders!’ Better yet, imagine receiving that Education!” 
– Dr. John S. Nagy


Masonry is the Art and Science of Building. Blue Lodge Masonic Education programs teach Masons very little about “how to Build.”

This Uncommon Masonic Education book series shows the Work that brings out Mastery in Masons. It assists Masons toward better understanding the Work that Freemasonry alludes to through its collective writings, Rituals, Lectures and Catechisms. The Building Series helps create a clearer and cleaner understanding of what is required to Build Better Builders.

Bro. DR. John Nagy Author /Lecturer, has traveled extensively around the country helping brothers to be enlighten to the tenants of Freemasonry his eight volume series "Building the Builder" is making great strides in light being added to the coming light. . Bro. John's appearance at Mandarin Masonic Lodge #343 and the Tri-District area surrounding Jacksonville, Florida is an event you will not want to miss! Jackson Lodge № 1 will host this event beginning with a light breakfast and at this all day workshop, he will be reviewing and discussing with the group his research and finding published in his Building Better Builders series of Uncommon Masonic Education books.

About the Presenter: Brother John S. Nagy is a 32 Degree Mason, Lodge Musician, 2014 recipient of the Duane E. Anderson Award for Excellence in Masonic Education and Masonic Education provider to Lodges that support his efforts to share. He is also author of the “Building Better Builders Series” of Uncommon Masonic Education books, videos and the Uncommon Masonic Education Workshops. They cover aspects of Masonry designed to Build Better Builders. Coach Nagy’s materials are used to instruct Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite and York Rite Candidates in Symbol Recognition, Understanding and Application. You can find out more through his website page found at:

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