Past Grand Masters from Jackson Lodge № 1, F. & A. M.

Below is a list of Brothers from this lodge that served this jurisdiction as Grand Master.  These Brothers have dedicated hundreds of hours of work for the betterment of the craft.  This page is dedicated to those Brothers.

jewel past grand master


John Pope Duval, Esq.


Was an attorney educated at Washington College.  Liutenant and Captain in United States Infantry 1812-1814.  Emigrated to Florida in 1827, Organized volunteer forces for Mexican War as Texas Brigadier General.  Returned to Florida as Secretary of Florida Territory.  Died in 1855

Robert Butler


Military aide to Andrew Jackson. Surveyor General for the territory of Florida. Did the survey of Tallahassee. Had a plantation on SW shore of Lake Jackson where "Feast of Roses" annual celebration was held - named for Mrs. Butler's rose garden.

Isham Green Searcy


Isham Green Searcy married Charlotte Pettes Prescott on September 4th, 1837. He was a civil engineer and a captain of the volunteers in the Florida War.

Leslie A. Thompson


Born on October 8, 1806. He served as Florida Supreme Court Justice January 1, 1851-1853. Leslie A. Thompson died in January 1874.

John B. Taylor


Thomas Brown


Thomas Hayward


Richard A. Shine


Enlisted in the Florida Home Guard 5th Regiment Infantry in 1863 served until the end of the Civil War.

Cleveland R. Horne


J. Lewis Hall


Born on 26 July 1904 in Woodville, Florida as the son of Thomas Milton Hall and Viola Page. Married Martha Hauze Buford, daughter of Rivers Henderson Buford and Mary Cornelia Munroe, on 24 August 1927. J. Lewis Hall later became the 1959 president of the Florida Bar. He died on 16 October 1984 in Tallahassee, Florida.



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