Masonic Leadership Training Class


Don Goss who is on R∴W∴ Bryan Eiler’s Committee for MLT is having a class at Jackson Lodge № 1 on July 31st at 8:30 am for Coffee and Sausage Biscuits and the class starting at 9:00 am. We hope that many brothers can attend.

The  Goal of the  Masonic  Leadership  Training  Committee is to hold a  workshop in every  Lodge in the Grand  Jurisdiction of Florida. We will also hold two Zone Workshops in every Zone this year.  The syllabus of Masonic Leadership Training is as follows:

  • Module 01 – Lodge Officers
  • Module 02 – Worshipful Master Duties
  • Module 03 – Planning Your Year
  • Module 04 – Become Worshipful Master
  • Module 05 – Running Your Lodge
  • Module 06 – Lodge Committees
  • Module 07 – Petitions & Investigations
  • Module 08 – Communications
  • Module 09 – Finances & Budget
  • Module 10 – Membership
  • Module 11 – Lodge Renewal
  • Module 12 – Ritual
  • Module 13 – Service
  • Module 14 – Event Organization
  • Module 15 – Leadership

Masonic Education Achievement Award Points for Participation:  (3) Points for each  Elected  Officer who completes the entire course;  (2) Points for each  Appointed  Officer who completes the course – (1) Point for each member who completes the course – (30) points maximum.

To All Worshipful Masters:  When the District MLT Committeeman calls to schedule a Workshop, please accommodate him as he is there to help your Lodge increase Masonic knowledge. Encourage your members to attend. Your duty to this program is vital to the future of our Lodges. Your participation will show by example your dedication to the program’s success. It is necessary that you bring along with you the Lodge Officers and as many Brothers as possible who are interested in the well-being of their Lodge and their Fraternity. You may have already completed the program, but I would encourage you to attend as many classes as you can this year and study the material on your own. I  am almost certain you will pick up something new that you did not learn in a previous class.