Subject: {7th Mason Dist: 698} WM Mike Horvath

If you hadn't heard, WM Mike Horvath has responded well to his treatments and has made a miraculous recovery in the last few weeks. He is now recuperating in the rehab center in Tallahassee and he is very anxious to go home. Unfortunately, his home is not yet a very healthy environment.


I have found a good quality Vinyl Plank flooring that we can install throughout his entire house, and with new baseboards, we can restore his home enough that he'll have a healthy place recover and convalesce. This is necessary to encapsulate the old subfloor which is contaminated. The carpet and pad has already been pulled out, and repairs have been made to the subfloor where necessary.

The cost of materials is going to be close to $2,800 and there is a lot of furniture and personal items to be moved around and work to be done to install the flooring and baseboards. We hope to accomplish this on Friday and Saturday of this week (April 29-30).

I would like to call for all Masons and Eastern Star and families that are available to help with this wherever possible. We've got a considerable amount of money to contribute and a lot of work to do in those two days. There's furniture and personal effects to be moved, cleaning to be done, trim to be installed, and flooring to be installed.

Anyone who can help, would be greatly appreciated. WM Mike is anxious to return home and we are all overjoyed that he's able to. His home is at 1014 Tallahassee St., Carabelle, FL.

Please, contact me about what you or your Lodge might be able to do.

My number is 850 284 3460 and my email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WM Tim Haifley
Robert Butler 305

What does "F" mean?

The letter "F" means Free, which originated in England during the Middle Ages.

Ancient craftsmen were very skilled, and their craft was considered indispensible to the welfare of both the Church and State.  For this reason, they were not placed under the same restrictions as were other workers - they were "free" to do their work, travel and live with their lives in a manner befitting their importance.  In England during the Middle Ages this freedom was rare.  Our legendary history carries this freedom from the "Operative Mason" back to the year 946, in York, England.

What does "A. M." Mean?

The letters "A. M." mean Accepted Mason, which originated in England during the Middle Ages.

During the latter years of the Middle Ages, there were a few educated men outside the monasteries of the world.  Naturally, men wanted to become Freemasons to obtain the advantages the craft had to offer.  Not all wanted to build buildings however; they just wanted to belong to the organization. These were "Accepted" Masons rather than "operative" Masons.  As time went on, there became many more "Accepted" members as building trades became widely known.

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